What is SSirimiri?

"Sirimiri (drizzle), a misty curtain of rain that soaks all the corners and souls of Donostia - San Sebastián.

Typical of grey, wet days, it covers the city’s skin with a thin, fresh layer of its essence: the joy of the sun, the explosion of the sea and the tenacity of the earth."

The energy transmitted by the sun and by the explosion of the sea reflects the freshness of the city. This freshness is represented by the top note of bergamot. The  base note takes us to the earth, to the roots, where we perceive hints of sandalwood. This beautiful balance brings us the essence of a dynamic city, full of energy, which exudes both elegance and composure.

All this is combined with a traditional respect and care for the environment and its resources, and a genuine concern for the people, for social affairs.

Welcome to Donostia - San Sebastián,
Welcome to its essence,
Welcome to SSirimiri.